It only took us 4 years! But We did it!  :)

Here it is! 
We are so excited for you to hear and move to this song, and most importantly - TO FEEL GOOD.

Thank you for your years of support, coming to our shows, dancing, listening, sharing our excitement.

A sneak preview today, of our long-awaited single TRY TO FIND A WAY, 4 loooong years since our last release.

TRY TO FIND A WAY mixed by our very own Ed Zuccollo and mastered by Mike Gibson at Munki Studios.

This video was captured by: 
Bradley Garner Creative
Mark Thompson media
Kenneth Chapman of Two Pumps Productions

Footage from this video, was captured at one of Flite's favourite regular Wellington spots, the wonderful The Rogue & Vagabond
As well As
Wellington City Council's yearly Summer festival, at our very own Wellington Botanic Garden.

Tickets for our show here:…/8734/Flite---Single-Releas…


WELL I SAW YOU TODAY | 1st 20 downloads free

WELL I SAW YOU TODAY single is out now for your listening and downloading pleasure. The first 20 downloads are free, however after that it will be by koha donation.

Because, Love.

SONGS BY TWILIGHT NO.3 | Coming Soon to a Secret Location near you.

I am excited to tell you, SONGS BY TWILIGHT NO.3 is on it's way! Tickets are now on sale - we have only 80 tickets so get in quick. Once again, it will be at another secret location which will be announced at a later date.

The theme for SONGS BY TWILIGHT NO.3 is 'LOVE (all sorts)' which will be performed by me Nikita 雅涵 Tu-Bryant; as well as two other guest musicians local and from afar - announced soon.

Other surprise announcements are on their way, I can't wait to tell you!

Massive thank you to Dan at Bicycle Junction and Russell Silverwood at NOCAR CARGO.

The full music video for this will be released next week! Watch this space, if you haven't already, get in touch now if you'd like to book tickets

Arohanui, have a beautiful weekend.


Call of the Sparrows - the echoes that remain

I'm always a bit sad when a project comes to an end - Call of the Sparrows had it's final night last night for our development season.  We were lucky enough to get some great reviews and constructive feedback:



The NZ Herald

I am however incredibly grateful, lucky, and excited about the new project I have jumped straight into - The Playground Collective's show of The Rime of the Modern Mariner by Nick Hayes, performing in Wellington this November.





Latest Release: (Before, and After) Joshua

This 8 track long E.P. is inspired by an unforgettable moment in my life.  Recorded in one take, in this order - not perceived as separate songs, but one piece, one journey.  Once again, not unlike 'Stark - Take 一 E.P.' it's bare-bones storytelling.  

'(Before, and After) Joshua' was recorded in the back of my van, boot open to the south coast waters of Wellington - all surrounding sounds (i.e. water) not added in later, but live.

One's own customised grieving album for heartache.

I hope you find something here that sings to you.


(Before, and After) Joshua

One day a young girl boarded a flight and unexpectedly collided with a boy with kind eyes.

This is their story - and theirs alone.


(Before, and After) JOSHUA

Coming soon/9th of July

Dream On

The journey and destination of a moment long ago - captured in a photograph.

The Photograph post some filters

The Photograph post some filters

The outline

The outline

Printing the outline onto the print and carving the outline

Printing the outline onto the print and carving the outline

First print

First print

First print with Chinese Calligraphy ink outline

First print with Chinese Calligraphy ink outline